Message From the President

I would like to say “Welcome Spring“ but it seems to be slow to arrive. This year we have held our 13th Annual Member’s Exhibition. The works were beautiful. We have such a talented membership. Sally has once again done a wonderful job as chair of this event. She has run many, many exhibits for PSNH and has run them like a well-oiled machine. We will be looking for a new chair for the Member’s Exhibition for next year. Sally is more than willing to mentor the new chair. Please consider volunteering for this position.

Our board has been working hard to have great member’s meetings, exhibitions, and workshops. Our next Member’s Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, May 12th. Plan on coming and enjoying the comradery. Don’t forget to sign up for the 2-day Workshop with Christine Bodnar . This year we will be holding our 10th PSNH “It’s Pastel!” National Juried Show at the Discover Portsmouth Center. Be prepared for a great exhibit.

Don’t forget to sign up for our 3-day workshop with Jeanne Rosier Smith (Finding the Wow). It will be held at Creative Ventures Gallery, 411 Nashua St., Milford, NH. The registration form is on our website ( I hope you will consider becoming a more active member. You are welcome to come to our Board Meetings. The next one is going to be held on June 2nd. Please feel free to contact me with any great ideas you have for your organization.(my email is

Warm weather should be just around the corner so nice to look forward to finally being outside.

As always, Nancy Johnson

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