2015 Member’s Exhibition

Celebrating PSNH’s 10th year Anniversary!

Location: Jaffrey Civic Center,
40 Main Street, Jaffrey, NH
Tel: 603-532-6527

Jaffrey Civic Center

This exhibition ended June 27th. Enjoy the photos of the award winner listed below.

Juror of Awards: Paul Ingbretson – “Realism is not my thing, beauty is.”

And now for the Winners!

Judge’s comments included in this list.

On the 10th Annual Exhibit“Very impressive different and good uses of the pastel medium, showing a variety of approaches and interests. Well done!”

10 X 10’s Celebrating PSNH’s 10th Anniversary -“You have succeeded in beating the problem of the square for a good cause.”

BEST in SHOW – Carolyn Edwards, “Over the Hill to Tracie’s”
Saying a lot with a little.
2ND PLACE – Robin Frisella, “Holiday Warmth”
Masterful Execution all the way
3RD PLACE – Ann Gillespie, “Heading Home”
Exciting Articulation of Light.
HONORABLE MENTION – Gwen Nagel, “Young Fox”
Fat use of Pastels.
HONORABLE MENTION – Barbara Danser, “Garden with Old Grey”
Bold splashing color. Big composition.
10TH ANNIVERSARY AWARD – Marcia Blakeman, “At the Bend”
Nice Use of ground and textures.
SPLASH OF COLOR AWARD – Sandy Machell, “Blue Label”
Best incorporation of color that mutually aid each other.
LUCY LOMBARDI PORTRAITURE AWARD – Carole Hoffman, “Little Pink Ribbon”
Intriguing vintage.
CHARDON ARTISTRY AWARD – Linda Dessaint, “Thirst”
Love that bear.
Classical New Hampshire Scene. Nice use of light distribution.
HOLE IN ONE AWARD – Carol-Ann Wernoch, “Back of the Barn”
Old New England well evoked.
IDA V. DEWEY AWARD – Judy McKenna, “Monhegan Icon
Amusing use of double helix.
LINDA OBREMSKI LANDSCAPE AWARD – Thomas Bradley, “Early Spring Dusk”
Moody articulation of season’s change.
MARY COSTIGAN STILL LIFE AWARD – Debra L. Luoma, “Lofty Aspirations”
Monumental piece to the gods.


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To all who participated, congratulations on a winning show!