Featured Artist of the Month

Isabella Koenigs





As an artist, I want to create art that speaks to me and others about the beauty of nature. I am inspired by the colors of nature; by lights and shadows; and by the way colors change in different lights, and the depths and shapes of shadows that an objects casts. I particularly enjoy capturing sunsets and sunrise, foggy and misty days at different seasons.

Art fascinates me and relaxes me. When others enjoy my art, it inspires me to create more. I am fortunate to work at a gallery where I am surrounded by beautiful art and get to meet talented artists. That too drives me to make more art and try new things, and makes me eager to learn more.





Isabella Kaszubski Koenigs was born in northern Poland in the town of Kolobrzeg. In 1988, when she was a teenager, her family came to America and settled in Hartford, Connecticut.

Isabella’s first introduction to art was in her home watching her father and uncle who were craftsmen. She took workshops, art classes and traveled to Paris numerous times to see the wonderful art museums and street artists.

 Isabella attended nursing school and then worked in Hartford Hospital. Fascinated with mental health and wanting to be more directly involved in the community, she became an independent contractor. Working with clients so they could achieve independence, she helped with social skills, housing, and employment. She also became a mentor for troubled teens and worked with them to reach their goals.

Switching gears, Isabella pursued her love of teaching and worked as a special education teacher with children from kindergarten to fifth grade. She found that combining art with teaching was a great way to keep children focused and interested in learning.

Isabella now lives on the New Hampshire Seacoast with her husband and her Yorkie, Kasia. Her art features the Seacoast’s ever-changing landscapes and seascapes in her paintings. 

Isabella sums up her artistic philosophy as:  It is never too late to learn new things, try new things, and enjoy life to its fullest.