2016 National Juried Exhibition “It’s Pastel!”

The Pastel Society of New Hampshire is proud to sponsor the return of the 8th Annual National Juried Exhibition, “It’s Pastel!”.

Dates: October 22nd through November 26th
Location: Discover Portsmouth Center Gallery
10 Middle Street, Portsmouth, NH

The Discover Portsmouth Center in the heart of the historic seacoast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The gallery is elegantly situated on the ground floor of an historic building which once was the main library. It is known for the high caliber of the exhibitions displayed throughout the year. Restaurants and shops are within walking distance for the many visitors who come to the center for information, and for residents who are aware of the high quality art shown there. The gallery is open seven days a week from 10 until 5 and is knowledgeably staffed.

Telephone: 603-436-8433
Discover Portsmouth Center

Juror of Selection: Christine Swann

Juror of Awards: Lyn Asselta

Exhibit closes – November 26, 2016 at 5:00 PM.
Pick up – Sunday, November 27, 2016, 11:00 AM  2:00 PM

Here are the Winners!

2016 PSNH National Juried Exhibition Winners

2016 PSNH National Juried Exhibition Winners






Best in Show: Jacob Aguiar – Carmel Dunes at Sunset
“Gorgeous sense of depth. The light is soft and peaceful.
Perfect format, technically incredible and emotionally charged. I loved everything about it.”

2nd Place: Christine Bodnar – Early Morning Stroll
“Incredible painting! Mark making, light is so well handled, especially in the big diagonal where the light splits”

3rd Place: Z. Feng – Rocky # 3
“This painting has an exceptional use of underpainting and painting.
There is so much done with so little. Love the wash.”

Great American Art Works Award: Terri Brooks – Anticipation
“The play of light and dark is phenomenal; even squinting the painting is full of life.
Love the feeling of an early morning jump in the water.”

Cheap Joes Award: Karen Israel – First Positions
“Love how the little girl looks right at you and the subtle touch of blue hair moves you through the painting.
So much movement of the kids; each in their own little world.”

Piscataqua Savings Bank Award: Laurinda O’Connor – The Marsh
“Hard to pull off an abstract with so much energy and movement. Love the composition.
Incredibly well balanced.”

Amadeus Award: Anastasia Gatto – Evening Mist
“Wonderful light! Verticals and horizontals work in a subtle way to make beautiful transitions.”

Holbein/ Pastel Journal Award: Kate Bergquist – Along the Fenceline
“I love the simple graceful curve to the painting. A classic type of painting; soft and gentle, almost a portrait of a tree.”

Anchor Line Award: Cristine Kossow – Animal, Vegetable & Mineral
“Love the elements and handling. This painting does a great job of detail without fuss.”

Ocean Technology Award: Robin Frisella – Lemon Time
“Every part of this painting leading you to the focal point of the lemon. The diagonal is so intriguing. Very well handled photo realism.”

Charlotte Dutch Award: Best Female Portrait or Figure: William Schneider – A Turn of the Head
“What really attracted me was the mark making and lively tones of the figure.
Especially the soft edges where her skin meets the fabric.”

Marine Acoustic Award: Best Marine Related: Lynne Vokatis – Kresge Point Pool
“Big bold movement to the center. Utilized texture to enhance the piece. A bold statement.”

Terry Ludwig Award: Brian McDermott – True Blue
“Quiet Complimentary color palette. You can look at this a long time.
The shadow shape is especially beautiful.”
Ampersand/ Pastel Journal Award: Chris Reid – Spectra
“This painting is still all about energy; color, movement, the action of the pastel marks push and pull you into and around this painting.”
Diane Townsend/U Art Award: Bethany Fields – Spring Hesitating
“Such a classic, quality composition from color choices to mood and atmosphere. This is the whole package.”

Studio 550 Art Center Still Life Award: Karen Tighe – Harmony of White
“Strength of format. Loved the large dark area in the top right. The color combination is beautiful.”

Passion for Pastels Award: Jane Penfield – Summer Sqaush
“The color draws me right in with exciting choices. A lot of colors within simple shapes.
Need to get up close to view it properly.”

David Pratt Framer Award: Dave Kaphammer – Harbor Highlights
“Composition is great. Love the top-weighted format. Did not overplay the water which helps to highlight the boats.”

Connecticut Pastel Society Award: Kay Sullivan – Ripple
“Just loved the mark making. Loved the containment of the energy, especially the unfinished portion inside the frame.
A nice choice.”
Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod: Shelly Eager – Hot Havana
“Great big contrast in value shift. Makes me feel the hot day, looking for a shady place on the street.”

Pastel Society of Maine Award: Lisa Regopoulos – On the Leeward Side
“Beautiful play of warm and cool. Wonderful use of light. Strong composition within the format.”

Pastel Society of America Award: Katrina Thorstensen – Evening Refuge
“Color and format create big atmosphere within the square. Great color palette.”


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Demo by Lisa Regopoulos

 Demo by Lisa Regopoulos