Judith McKenna, PSNH Signature Member

Judy paints seascapes, coastal landscapes and wildlife in oils and pastels. She majored in Fine Arts at the University of Miami and received a Masters Degree in Communication from Boston University. Her career included positions in advertising, marketing and graphic design followed by a teaching position at Southern New Hampshire University where she founded the Communications Major. After leaving academia, Judy returned to art. She has since won awards for oils and pastels in many juried competitions throughout New England.

Her favorite subject matter is any scene involving water. Whether it be crashing waves, quite beaches, boats at rest or in motion, as well as the various animals that are found by the water.

Water is forever changing and transforming, often from peace to tempest and back again. I find it a metaphor for life–sometimes calm, serene and peaceful, other times unpredictable and chaotic.

It is a challenge to paint the sea, with every moment affecting the mood of the scene from foggy to sunny, crashing to still. I hope to convey these many moods in my paintings and to provide a visual reminder of the viewer’s own personal experiences, whether they be at a peaceful harbor, strolling the beach, or witnessing a stormy surf. Judy McKenna


Here is some of Judy’s work.

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